Display Artist Instead of Album Artist


Is there a way of displaying the artist when playing a track as opposed to the album artist eg. When playing compilation albums where the artist changes for each track?

Thanks for any advice.


Usually automatically the case if respective metadata is present. You may have to provide more information/details about your issue (where do you wish to see that data, give examples of affected albums, what’s the source of the affected albums, …).

Note: You can also post screenshots here.

Hi @Paul_Moran,

Can you provide some screenshots of what you’re seeing? Thanks!

Thanks for the replies @BlackJack and @dylan . Example screenshot attached. This album has the ALBUMARTIST tagged as The Beatles but each track has an individual ARTIST tag. Only the ALBUMARTIST is displayed…

That is such an album? Is the album identified in Roon? Do you use the metadata provided trough Roon or are you using your own (what are your respective import settings)?

As I wrote above, it depends on the available metadata. I only found one tribute album that shows a similar artist structure in my library and there it works, but it can’t be helped that the album artist also (correctly) shows.

And in Roon

Artist metadata as provided by Roon.

If the Album Artist is “Various Artist” then the Now Playing View will display the Track Artist.


This a bootleg album of tracks performed by the individual Beatles as solo artists. It is not identified by Roon but many of my albums aren’t (I have a lot of DJ mixes etc) so I’m not sure if that’s the problem. I prefer to use my own metadata as I spent ages tagging everything the way I want. Strangely enough, my collection of Now…compilations (ALBUMARTIST=Various Nows) displays the individual track artists in the Now Playing screen…

Try “Various Beatles” then for the Album in question. :smiley:

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