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Hi all,
If i understand it all correct in the case of extensions these are installed on the core. I do not think i can do my requirement through the creation of an extension.

I have a roon bridge on a raspberry pi with a 2x16 oled screen attatched. I display text on this oled using node js (installed on the pi)
The question i have is what is the most practical way of doing this, on de pi (so what from the api do i need where on the pi) or as extension on the core (mac) but then there is the question how to send the info to the pi
Thank for the help, once i have an idea i can prob create most of the code myself

Extensions can run on any device as long as the core can be accessed via the network, so it is a perfect fit for your requirements.

If you can already control the screen on your pi from node.js then you have to add the Roon API and Roon Transport API to your code to get the now playing information from it.

I thought as much, thanks for response
I will get working on it

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I managed to get the Roon api working for this, however struggling with the display on the lcd does funny stuff, it does not seem to recognize line 1 and line 2, and interweaves the text
working on that now