Display driver crashing

This issue has arisen since the latest update to Windows 10 (as of 18/11/15).

The intel display driver randomly crashes - this has no effect on the desktop or other software but does ‘blank’ the roon window making it impossible to control the application. Restarting roon brings everything back, but only for the display driver to crash again :frowning:

Using HD Graphics 4600. My systems has 16GB of memory, so not sure why this is happening.

I have tried to leave roon in full window mode, but that makes little difference. The error has occurred only since the latest Windows 10 update.

Have you specifically updated the graphics drivers ? On all machines I updated to Win10 I found the graphics needed updating by the Intel, Radeon etc driver updates. Without updating I found several apps, including Roon, would misbehave.

Quick reply - thanks Nick!

Not sure how I would do that as I’ve run all the usual updates through windows already.

Different route to update other than through windows itself?

Just reviewed the update history, and nothing for intel apart from the latest, and rather major, update to Windows 10

Device manager says Intel driver up to date!

To be sure you have the latest drivers you can Always Download the Drivers straight from Intel. Found at this site:

I personally never let Windows update any driver for my system. I have seen quite a few horror stories resulting in allowing Windows Update to update Hardware Drivers. Including the never ending update loop that occurred for NVIDIA users when Win 10 first launched.

When I installed the Windows 10 update last week that was followed by an Intel graphics update - however this does not show in the list of installed updates. My graphics are Intel 5500 though not the 4600 you have, driver date is 24/8/15.

Thanks Daniel - will try that.