Display extension syncp issues

Ver. 2.596
In very beginning, its working well, the progress bar is moving and everything updated when move to next song.
However, it maybe few times power-off and power-on then the unsync issus comes out.
I tried removed registered RoPieee extension authorization and enable it back. The screen will show up what’s playing on first sync but no more updates.

And one more thing to ask.
In Advance tab, there is a “ Update Schedule” been set “Manually”. However, I noticed that on LCD display there is a “checking update” activity after time synced and it happen on every reboot.
Is this work as your expected ? @spockfish

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Yes this is expected.

Any idea of display extension issue yet?

I’ve run into the same issue. The progress bar no longer moves nor does the album art change. The back/pause/forward buttons still work, though. This started for me a couple of weeks ago. I have since completely re-setup my ropieee image from the lastest ROM and the issue still occurs.

Same here with Ropieeexl version 2.596 stable

maybe reboot and few more time then its back to normal. so i did.