Display issue on Samsung galaxy tab s4

Hi all
I just had my new galaxy tab s4 today, a nice tablet.
First thing I did was installing Roon android app. It worked but after a while I noticed display issues.

  • It is not possible to search: clicking on the search icon make the search screen pop up with keyboard but after half second it disappears.
  • there are anomalies on the border of the screen on the tablet, like badly used pixels, not beautiful
  • it is not possible to use the keyboard in any case.
    Is there any thnig I can do? Should i wait for app upgrade?
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Hi @Judelow,

For this, your tablet is likely in a full screen mode. If you disable full screen mode for Roon this should be resolved for you.

We are aware of this UI issue and hope to make improvements here in the future, but I can’t provide any specific timelines at this time.


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Thanks full screen mode deactivation worked around the problem.
It would be terrific to have it working in full screen, I bet you are on it :wink:

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