Display issues after updating to B310

New Roon release makes my laptop completely unusable. Display has tons of noise and it even manages to split my screen horizontally - so the start button is not at the bottom left. I don’t have time to write up tons of detail right now. Running 64bit Roon on 64 bit Windows 10 on an HP EliteBook 8570p.

How can I download a previous version to use until this is fixed?
I am seeing some display issues without Roon running, but not as bad, and no screen splitting. I haven’t uninstalled Roon yet to see if that fixes it.
I did notice Windows updates finished installing when I initially restarted because of this issue. So, maybe the two are related. But, I only restarted because I noticed the laptop was totally messed up. The windows update would’ve had to have broken things before the restart.
Everything was working perfectly until this morning when I installed the Roon update. Then a while later I looked over and the screen was a disaster.
I haven’t changed anything else on this laptop recently. No driver changes etc.


The issues you describe are very unlikely to be issues with the new Roon release, it’s more likely to be a Windows / Display Driver issue.

Have you tried rebooting the laptop and also checking that the latest display drivers are installed?

I’ve rebooted multiple times and Windows thinks I have the right drivers installed. But, the screen still isn’t perfect even without Roon running. I’ll uninstall it when I have time.

What graphics chip set is fitted?

If Intel … visit their driver update site … it often more update than those selected by Windows.

Hi @David_Rosenblum ----- Thank you for the report and sorry to hear of the troubles.

I wanted to to follow up with you here to see if any further progress or observations have been made. How did the reinstall go? Additionally, have you had a chance to confirm what the “graphics chip set” is in the device as suggested in @Carl’s previous? Thanks Carl :+1:

Lastly, I know you had inquired about rolling back to a previous build but this is not an acton that we support as this can cause further complication and more over if you are indeed experiencing display issues outside of Roon I have to think there is some kind of performance issues occurring on the device.