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@support, I have reported this before, another ticket lost.

Using Andorid Remote on Pixel 4 fast scrolling in albums breaks the display and you start ot get large black gaps in albums view. Only a restart of the app will clear this behaviour once its started. Going to another page and returning does not help. Please look to fix this

Video of her behaviour below.


This bug has appeared in several versions now, with scrolling optimization for iOS.
For me, it manifests itself in Android 11, on two phones. The older phone has a less powerful processor, and the bug makes the Roon app unusable. The newer phone has a powerful processor and the Roon application can be used, but the presence of the bug can be seen. The power of the processor only “hides” the bug, but does not solve it.

Hey @Simon_Arnold3 and @DanielAvasilichioaei

Thank you for getting in touch about this. Can you provide details about the Android devices that are exhibiting this behavior? Android Model/Android os, CPU, etc so I can pass those along? Thanks!

Old phone: Nokia 6.1 / Android v11.
New phone: Mororola Moto G200 5G / Android v11.

Test scenario:

  1. Open Roon and start to play music.
  2. Open any long track list (e.g. Queue, Playlist).
  3. Check scroll: it is smooth.
  4. Open Google Chrome and navigate a little inside Roon Community.
  5. Switch back to Roon and check scroll: it is almost not working or working jerky.

Device is on my post @jamie Pixel 4.which is a phone no idea of it GPU this on Android 12 if thats important.

Thank you gents, it’s been passed along to QA. I’ll be back in touch when I have more details for you.

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