Display loaded PEQ saved settings name in DSP section

Hello all…

New to Roon and gotta say that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG!!! I love it!!!
Now to my query…

When one has multiple parametric EQ settings saved in the DSP section, is there a way to see which saved EQ setting is currently loaded? I find myself going in and reloading a saved setting only because I cannot tell which one is loaded. Any way to display which is loaded when in DSP section? Is this something that I am overlooking or is it just not there? If not, I’ll put in a feature request.

Thanks in advance!!


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You sure can.
Click the speaker icon bottom right then DSP then the presets dropdown and there you are.
See screenshot on iOS device:

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Thank you for your reply. I am able to see the list of DSP saved settings (similar to your iOS example) from the drop-down list to pick, however, I am referring to saved parametric EQ settings. (See the ex. below)

Despite having selected an EQ saved setting, it displays only ‘Parametric EQ’ and ‘Save/Load EQ’. It would be nice if after loading a PEQ saved setting, it displayed which saved EQ setting is currently active/applied (if any).

** I’m using a Windows 10 PC, in case that makes a difference.

It might help if you save a DSP preset with the same name as the PEQ preset, just as I showed on a mobile device, but on a PC it looks like that then.
Still not exactly what you’re asking for, but the same outcome…

Thank you. I will give that a try. I was just saving multiple EQ settings under the same DSP profile. I will try creating a profile for each EQ saved setting and see how that works.

It would still be great to see the name of the Saved EQ.

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