Display Lyrics in File Tags?

I realize the futility of this question, but is Roon planning to permit the display and/or casting of user-provided lyrics?

Actually @Carl, I had wanted a Roon response. Mine was not a feature request.

So please forward it to the most appropriate spot for responses. I hadn’t thought Feature Requests were correct since I have never received a response there. Thanks.

It was previous uncategorised… which is probably the worst place to post to get a response from Roon.

Happy to move the topic to the Roon Software category, but as you have implied in your original post … it’s unlikely Roon staff will reply as they don’t comment on their development roadmap.

I’ll let you determine if or when you wish to create a feature request for this functionality.

I used to write “support” for questions only Roon could answer, and they would get recategorized to other places because they weren’t “support questions”.

Kinda like writing city hall. Oh well…

Probably not. Even the new synced lyrics feature are not displayed within the software itself, but on a separate web page. Doesn’t seem like they are taking any risks with adding features easily.

Here’s what’s needed:

  1. If synced lyrics are present, display and cast them
  2. If database lyrics are present, display and cast them
  3. If file tag lyrics are present, display and cast them

Maybe have an option to reorder priorities.

I won’t be Feature Requesting this since that seems to ensure it won’t be implemented. :slight_smile: