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Hello. I am new to Roon and currently I’m using a trial version that came with my new SOTM sms-200. (Shout out to Crux Audio for fantastic service!)

A large portion of my music collection consists of LPs which I’ve digitized. I have added comments to many of them with the itunes comments tag — like “This LP was a gift from Uncle Louis.” Or " Decca SXL xxxx" or “Tracks 1 and 5 are fantastic.” Etc.

Is there any way to view these comments in Roon, or will they be lost if I permanently decide to use Roon?



I would love to see this integrated. Where had you stored the comments previously?

Itunes metadata includes “Comments”. I have my remarks entered there. Other software that I use — JRiver and Audirvana Plus let me see these comments. Doesn’t Roon allow this?

Roon does not touch the meta-data in your files; so that data will not be lost. However, at this time Roon does not display a comments field data.

If you want to make a Feature Request to display a comments field from Meta-Data, I can move this thread to that section.


I’ve never found something for the whole album but you can get into comments through file tags on individual songs. Single song => View File Info => File Tags

Not the easiest way in and its not for the whole album.

Yes, I would appreciate your doing this. I can’t speak for others, but being able to view comments would make Roon much more useful to me. Thanks!


One more reason display of comments would be useful. Sometimes I search for an album via a path like label (RCA, Decca, Blue Note, etc.) -> Artist -> Album, where the first criterion is stored in ‘Comments’.

  • 1 here for being able to display contents of Comments field, which I used extensively.
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Same general point others have made. It would be a great improvement to Roon if users could leverage ALL their meta tags, custom or standard…


Any news regarding this topic/feature request?
I tend to use the comments field to copy all track data in info files for live-recordings for example.
This is since Roon won’t show the txt-file in the audio folder either.
But now since pdf files can be opened, why not txt as well or to somehow be able to show comments?

I would like to be able to view these as well.

Excellent idea!

Reviving this topic. I think a comments field is a must. It’s the first real drawback to Roon that I’ve seen. For example: I’ve got the deluxe version the Deep Purple “Made In Japan”. It’s 5 CD’s, 1- old mix, 2 - new mix and 3-5 are the three different nights they recorded. The CD’s import into iTunes with the mixes and dates as the CD title. I didn’t like that, so I pasted those titles into the comments section and replaced it with the main title, spanning all 5 CD’s. It works great in iTunes, but Roon just displays it as the main title with 5 discs and now I don’t know what I’m listening to. If you’re still reading this, sorry for the hyper detail.


In iTunes or iPhone’s music app, the lyrics tag is easier to display than the comment tag, so I put a comment on the lyrics tag. I want to be able to display lyrics tags in roon

Roonlabs has plans to support embedded lyrics, see:

If the final implementation will support your use case is hard to predict …



will be nice to have COMMENT tag in Focus search field

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to achieve, but: I wonder if what you’ve in mind would work using ROONALBUMTAG / ROONTRACKTAG … maybe you could copy the metadata from the COMMENT tag to one of those with an external tagging application?

Just an idea.

to be able to browse music based on COMMENT tag.
I have populated COMMENT tag for all my music (4985 albums) and I was using this on all previous systems for easy and fast browsing (self populating smart lists)

Are those comments like keywords? Then it may work if you’d copy those from COMMENTS to ROONALBUMTAG.