Display music residing on NAS in hierarchical folders

Can Roon “show” music just as it appears stored on my NAS in simple hierarchical folders?
My music is arranged in typical folders, first by genre and then alphabetically, by artist name so I can find any album very quickly!

I have nearly 8TB of music so I cannot “fiddle around” with scrolling, swiping or “browsing”!


Please do a search. Browsing by folder as a request has been discussed many times over.



Thanks for info! I see that many others would like to have Folder Browsing. I read much of the postings on the subject “Folder Browsing” but it appears that Roon does not offer it. Yes, there may be ways to “work around” the problem but they appear to be arduous and ineffective. There is really no other practical way for me to quickly find the music I want play. I have so much music that I cannot remember all of the artist’s names or albums. I don’t know exactly what I have so I need to search by genre. Folder browsing is just so simple!

I think the answer is yes, BUT you have to add every folder and not the whole share as the library.

Then you can use inspector in Focus and bookmark every folder. Try and tell me if it satisfies your needs ?

But buy reading your question, have you actually tried adding your whole library to Roon ?
I think you will find ,less fiddleing around :grinning: