Display not showing Now Playing

Hey @spockfish

I am having trouble getting the display working - I can’t get the Now Playing screen to show

All the settings look good to me. I have the Extension in Roon Enabled.

I have re-flashed and tried a few fresh installs but I get the same each time.

Here’s a pic of what is displayed on the screen…

Here’s the ID of the feedback submission: 57777bd4963bc969

Please help!

Best Regards


HI @Guy_Brown1,

Can it be that you did not used the latest image from RoPieee’s webpage?
Not that it shouldn’t work, but you’re using a Pi 4 and for that some stuff has changed.

Anyways, before we come to the “let’s reflash” conclusion first to the following:

Go into the webpage and press ‘commit changes’ and after that ‘save’.
No need to change anything, but this action triggers a re configure. There is a chance that it will recover from that with a working screen.

So let’s try that first.


Was thinking to myself “I done that about 10 times, updating settings, reboot, committing changes, that’s not gonna make a difference!”

But I did it anyway and low and behold it didn’t work…only about 5 seconds after that it did work and the Now Playing screen booted into action!!! :rofl::sweat_smile::laughing::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

Awesome, thanks!


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Madness is repeating the same actions and expecting a different outcome… but with computers this is often the case :sunglasses:

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Indeed :joy::rofl::crazy_face: