Display not working with Samsung Frame TV browser

I’m having the same issue as Thomas_Smith. I’m using the built in browser on a Samsung Frame TV and all I see is the Roon logo. I’ve tried Safari on a Mac and Explorer on a PC and both of these are working fine.

It may simply be that this browser is not supported but would be most convenient if it was! Please let me know what additional information you would require to take a look at this.


Hey @thompo — We appreciate the feedback here!

Can you provide some information about the web browser that is available on the Samsung Frame TV? Since your Displays are working elsewhere it seems as though there may be something specific to this browser that may be causing an issue here. Are you able to use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari on this device?

When you enter the Display URL in the browser does it show as a Display in Settings > Display?


Hi Dylan,

It is the default browser that comes with the TV; I cannot find any other browsers to run on it. In the About>Settings menu it is listed as follows:

Samsung Smart TV Web Browser
Version {TizenBrowser}

It does not show up as a Display in Settings > Display, whereas my other browsers do.


Thank you for the information, @thompo.

Unfortunately it appears that this browser may not be able to be used as a Display for Roon. Most major browsers are known to work (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari) but there are some that we know will not work (IE and the Playstation’s browser). This appears to be a case where this browser is unfortunately not capable of being a Display.

I’m going to run this by the team to see if there is anything that can be done here that may allow this to work for you, but chances are this may be a limitation of the browser itself.


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Any update Dylan? I’m hanging out for Display support on either Samsung TVs or Apple TVs. Thanks :grinning:

Did this issue ever get resolved ? Or if any ideas on this ?
I am hoping that Roon does work on my Samsung Frame TV, or I will have to shell out serious cash for the display…
Will a Chromecast Plug help ?


I use a Chromecast Ultra with my Samsung TV. Works fine for Roon.