Display Number of Times Played in Album View

Title says it all, I would like the total number of times each album has been played to be displayed in the Album view of my Library. This would be very useful for me (and I guess others).

I do not think your title says it all actually. Roon tracks Track Plays, not, Album Plays. So the first question would be, what constitutes an Album Play?
Do I have to have played the whole album to count? For example, if I have an album with one track played 15 times and the rest 0 (and I do), is that an Album Play Count of 15 or 0?

Well I don’t really care; I usually play entire albums, not tracks. If I only play one or a few tracks from an album, it would usually be because I don’t really like what I am hearing (in which case I would delete it from the Library there and then), or I have had to stop playing because I have to do something else; so I am happy if playing if just one track counts as a play. It would be entirely OK if the whole album had to be played to account for an Album Play, and if only some tracks are played then it is registered as a Part Play. It is not difficult to do, and this is what computers are good at. Or the user could be enabled to determine what counts as a Play as a Preference; for example over 50% = a Play, less than 50% is a Part Play.

It would be useful foe me as I am finding a lot of new and unknown to me artists as a result of Roon Radio and You May Like This features. So I check out the artist with a small listen, and if like it I add all that Artists albums to my Library. I then subsequently play them, and ones I like I keep, and ones I don’t I delete. I am adding so many, I don’t know what I have listened to and what I have not.

Yes I suppose I could keep a notebook and log it all but frankly that is not going to happen, Roon runs on a computer, and it can do this automatically. Variable parameters such as What constitutes an Album Play should not be difficult, with a User setting defining their own requirement in a Preference setting.