Display of album art and album name for each audio file present in a compilation folder

Roon Core Machine

Nas QNAP-16GoRAM 18To

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NuprimeSwitch + Box ethernet/wifi > PC 16Go ram/Samsung Tab S8 Ultra 14Go ram > Ifi Audio Zen Stream > Dac USB Ayre > Linn system

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

+66000 tracks , +4600 Artists,

Description of Issue


I have in my collection many titles which are stored in compilation folders such as ‘Jazz 30’ or ‘Selected Groove 57’ or ‘Apogee of tonal language 24’… That is several hundred compilations. Each of these compilation files includes between 15 and 100 titles which come from the albums carefully arranged and tagged by apps. Some pieces are shortened or cleaned for public distribution, therefore of a different duration from the album that is classified. Often I only have one title because I didn’t want to keep the whole album and integrate one more artist with few titles in the NAS files. This already represents more than 4600 artists and more than 66000 pieces of music. So I don’t keep all of them and I don’t collect to say to bloat the storage.

The problem is that I’m trying Roon and it doesn’t properly recognize physical compilations that have different albums and different artists. In this case, Roon displays for the titles in playback the cover, the name and the year of the last title that he scanned in the compilation during the import. So I have a big confusion in the Roon display and the availability of compilations in the Roon media library.

Is there the possibility of truly forcing Roon to keep cover art and tags already integrated into the files despite the “file tag preference” boxes already checked in the import rule settings?

Maybe a trick with the tags? I did various tests playing on ALBUMARTIST, ALBUM ARTIST, ARTIST, ORIGARTIST… then re-scanned but Roon always simplifies…

Another angle of attack tightened the access by directory but unless I am mistaken I do not find with Roon the possibility of directly accessing the directories where the music is stored.

I lose a lot of music and the possibility of listening. While other software (JRiver…) allows you to manage physical compilations and if there is a problem, offers quick access by storage directory in order to resolve the matter. Is there a way to directly access a directory?

The worst is in classic. I just saw that when I type Debussy I no longer have an album, or maybe a few jazzman albums! who played a Debussy title. While I have more than 30 albums specifically tagged with in particular ARTIST = CLAUDE DEBUSSY and with ALBUM ARTIST = The name of the performer.

Is there a chance that Roon will face these issues soon and work on them. Good to know if acquisition of license or not.

I must have definitely missed something.
Thank you if you can direct me to set up Roon.

Merci à vous

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