Display of Album Version

I have this set to YES in my settings but all it seems to do is display any portion of an album’s directory name in ellipses or brackets as the version. For example

  1. The Rolling Stones - December’s Children (And Everybody’s) shows an Album Format as “And Everybody’s”
  2. Oasis - (What’s the Story) Morning Glory (Limited Edition) shows an Album Format as “What’s the Story, Limited Edition”.

It seems the Album Version should ignore those parts in ellipses/brackets of the directory name that are part of the real albums name.


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Isn’t the generally accepted convention that anything in round ( ) brackets is part of the title, and anything in square [ ] brackets is a comment / addendum / variant information etc ?

Let me clarify (because I stated the information incorrectly)

Album Name: (What’s The Story) Morning Glory
ID Tag on all Tracks for Album is: (What’s the Story) Morning Glory [Limited Edition]

In Roon the Album shows with correct name of “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?”
But the Album Version: “What’s the Story, Limited Edition”

I believe I have the Album tagged correctly. But believe the Album Version should be [Limited Edition]
I have numerous examples like this. Anyone else, use this feature?

I think in design the guys tried to give us a head start with comments by grabbing some text. In doing so there will be comments that shouldn’t be.
The alternative is perhaps not grab any and leave it to user edit.
In my set, I have many that are correctly grabbed. Probably more than those that are wrong.
It isn’t a biggy to edit though.
Hard to image a foolproof logic to code it better than it is.

Nick - thanks for pointing out you can edit the field, I had not seen that option before you mentioned.