Display on iPad

Tried using Safari on my iPad to use as a Roon display. I’ve got a tab opened and copied the link from the Display settings page. All I ever get is the word Roon on the screen - it never shows what’s playing.
If I go back to the Display setting in Roon, sometimes the browser shows up as a Display (IOS on IOS), sometimes not. It will be there then disappears. Help!

Go to the App Store on the iPad and download the free Roon app, you do not use the browser.

I use the app - that’s where I’m looking at settings, Display. I’m trying to use the browser Safari as the Display for Roon.

So in the Display settings using the Roon app, It says there are No Available Displays, even though Safari is setup to display Roon and shows the word Roon but nothing else.

Now I’ve tried using a laptop I have as the Display. Same thing trying Firefox and IE - everything just shows the word ‘roon’ And nothing else.
At least the displays now show up in the Displays setting section of Roon.

Go to the volume icon and select the display icon that will show up then click display now I think for the display you want to show on

Sorry not at home now so can’t do a clscreen shot. Also check the knowledge base for guidance

Worked! Such a simply thing, but never knew that.