Display Roon in ROCK with TV Conected


I Have ROCK installed in NUC, which have connected a screen (TV) via HDMI. Any possibility to display Roon directly?.. will be very pretty to show the screen while we are hearing music… or Lyrics too.


with an ipad I mirror the screen to an Apple tv. But it gives much easier to advise if you describe what devices you use.

The HDMI out from NUC/ROCK is audio only, with the NUC boot screen display.

Would be nice to get a video image included in an upgrade but I have no idea if that is being considered.

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Sure , but why I need to connect other device, like Apple TV on ChromeCast if the NUC have a HDMI… hehe…

I’m thinking to use de LG App Explorer to set the url provide by ROCK … like any other explorer.

Yes… but I understand the final purpose of this Music Sever… in order to max the code for audio and not for other purposes… but I think also, this don’t need too much resources… and think mayor part of audiophiles have a tv with the music system.

There is not much to see on your screen with Roon rock, only the ip address. The only way is to use Windows I think. (Linux doesn’t have a display)

But luckily, if you have already a Windows license, you don’t need another licence. You can easily download the installation file from Microsoft and use your Windows id. In my case an old hotmail account.

One fun thing, the hdmi is nice, but you can also download and install Airparrot 3 for a small amount of money and use that to cast the screen of your nuc to an Apple tv or chromecast.

Well… I used the explorer app from WebOs in LG TV… and doesn’t work… frustated… hehe…

But… in remote app from PC don’t able de option for send Roon to this explorer.



Yes… Chromecast is not too spence… but, buying and smart device to make smart an smart-tv… hehe!!!

I think Airparrot 3 will send your signal to your smart tv, please give it a try. If not then a chromecast or apple tv will finish the job

one extra important thing, enable multicast in your router.