Display time of day on Android Tablet

Is it possible to show the time of day on the upper bar of the Android Tablet display? Unlike my Android cell, the client running on an Android tablet is full screen and hides the time. For me at least there’s been plenty of times when I am looking at the Queue (tablet on coffee table, me sitting back on the couch) to see what’s coming up, and have to either swipe down from the top of the display to see the time, or gasp…take my phone out of my pocket to see the time.

It’s the little things…

Thanks, I know there’s plenty of other larger and more sweeping feature/functionality requests.

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What tablet do you have? My Huawei Media Pad M5 running the android app shows the time in the upper bar (and battery level, wi-fi strength, etc.) while roon is running. My ZTE mini tablet and Pixel phone (also android, but both running the phone version of the app) also show the time.

It’s an nVidia Shield tablet. I’ll poke at it some more and see if there’s a setting to stop Full Screen.

@Stan_Jones - thanks for the feedback.