Display UI wishes

A few niggles I have with the display view that Roon offers. Would love to see:

A main menu lock. Since many of us are using 13” iPads, laptops or desktop monitors, it should be an option to have the main menu permanently on display, or locked open. Plenty of real estate for that. Also, with the main menu, user order of items would be nice.

Option to have the full cover view window locked open, and/or if browsing an easier way to come back to full screen cover view. Maybe an option if pushing play it can automatically go to cover view.

For desktops, a small minimal display view that shows basic info of now playing, and maybe what’s next in shuffle with an up or down thumbs. JRiver has this and it’s nice when working in other windows. Even better would be a Mac tool bar widget that could be left open and show basic info. To me, shuffle nd radio are great features of Roon, but I hate having to constantly switch windows with other programs to see what’s playing.

In general, much more user customization of the UI would be nice. I think there’s often way too many clicks in Roon (already grumbled about this deleting albums, esp Tidal ones) and it would be nice to be able to streamline Roon for one’s own way of using it.

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Oh, and resizing of thumbnails also.