Display: Waveform destroyed

I am running a display via Fire TV an Firefox Browser. Since a few weeks the waveform is destroyed (see screenshot for an example). Every waveform shows other errors, but similiar to the screenshots.
There is also no visible progress.
This only affects local files, progress bar for streaming files is flawless.
Error only occurs on the display not on the core machine (Windows 10) or my iPad as remote.
Behaviour was in 1.7 and did not change with the update to 1.8.

Tried everything. Restarted everthing multiple times. Tried to clear every cache I found in roon and the browser.

Is there any hidden cache I can clear or what else can I do?

Hi @AE67

Does this only happen with the Fire TV? If you use a different device does it work as expected?

Yes, if I try it on my Windows-PC in Firefox it works as expected.
And it also worked in Firefox on the Fire TV for many months before it happened. Since it started it is permanent.
Had the same problem on Fire Tv before with the Silk browser a long time ago. Worked over a long time, suddenly the same error showd up and persists. Changing to Firefox as browser fixed it for a long time, till now. Running out of browsers on my Fire TV now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the details, @AE67. Our QA team is looking into this.

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@support Any news on this issue. There must be a folder or a cache where the waveform is stored. Or something similar that can be reseted to the original state.

Don’t think that the FireTV is the cause of this, but it is the only device I used the display over such a long period of time. In both browser the problem occured only after using this browser for maybe 1000 hours as a display.

Are you on the Gen 1 Fire TV, because both the Silk browser and Firefox work fine on my Gen 2 Fire TV

Yes Gen 1. And it also worked fine for a long time.
First used silk browser and worked for more than half a year (>1000 hours of usage) before this problem occured. Switched to firefox and again worked flawless for more than half a year till the same problem started. If the FireTV had a third browser I would probably also be able to use this again for half a year.

This behavior leads me to the conclusion that there must be a cache or something similar that becomes full or corrupt after very long use.

It could be. I have a gen 1 hiding somewhere. I got the gen 2 because I couldn’t find it, LOL. However, if I find it I will check it out, because my Gen 1 was never really used.

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@support Nothing?

Hi @AE67

We haven’t been able to reproduce this issue in-house, unfortunately. Can you reproduce this once more, make a note of the track you’re seeing it on, and then send over logs? We’ll take a look and see if there are any clues there.

@dylan thanks for the response
I send you the logs via pm
I understand that you can not reproduce it, as I said before it took me months to get enough playtime till the problem started. But after it started it is permanent and occurs every time a local file is playing.

And as I told before it occurs only in long used browsers, if I use another browser everthing is working as it should. But now both of the available browers on my FireTV are corrupted. Open a browser on the CorePC at the same time is working ok, so it should be a kind of browser related cache. But clearing the cache of the browser on the device did not help.

Thanks for sending the logs, @AE67 — We’ll take a look and get back to you ASAP.

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