Displayed as miniplayer

I hope we can have an option to display Roon in a miniplayer window just like iTunes.


I’d like this, too. After the amazing 1.2 upgrade, this is about the only feature I can think of…

I’d like to see this too, or at least be able to right click on the icon in the dock (on Mac) and be able to get basic controls like play, pause, next track, and previous track.

Would be great if we could have a ‘miniplayer’ window showing just album art and transport controls. The normal Roon Remote window (on my Macbook) is pretty big and can only be resized down a bit. Appreciate that some will say that its designed more for tablets/phones but I spend a lot of time using Roon from my MBP.

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Agreed. A Mini-Player like iTunes or Plexamp is the only thing missing from the current software. The Roon window takes up alot of needed space when just a small box showing album art, song name and basic controls would suffice when working or just surfing web. Roon: please add this feature.

You can create your own mini player reasonably easily using the Roon web controller extension.

On Mac I used an application called Flotato that turns web pages into stand alone apps.

You can also use Roon’s build in web display feature but doesn’t offer and transport controls and it is very picky about which browser it works with.

I may not have bit-perfect exclusive mode, but at least the Amazon HD Mac app has a really nice mini-player…

American cheese comes in very convenient individual packaging. But that doesn’t make it real cheese…

I’d like to add my “vote” to having a miniplayer included as part of the MacOS roon app (iTunes like). Unless I miss something I don’t think its available yet.

I came looking for a mini viewer display mode, seems an easy add at some point in Roon development.