Displaying Artist list

I set Roon to index artists by last name, but they are still listed as

firstname lastname

This makes it hard to read and find the Artist I want. Also, I have well over 1000 Artists, so scrolling through the looong list of Artists and their pictures is very tedious.
Why can’t I just see a list of Artists displayed as

lastname, firstname
Without any fancy decorations? And on my hard disk, this is the way the artists are arranged. It should be trivial to do. Fancier is not always better.

I assume you mean the settings flag Browser Sort Preferences > Name for artist sorting ? This only affects the sorting method, not the display. Artist’s names are always displayed as entered.

Also, at present, there is no way of showing a simple list, without the pictures. There is a long standing feature request for this, see https://community.roonlabs.com/t/list-view-when-browsing-artists/35997; please add your comments to the thread.

I assume you mean even though the artists are sorted by last name they are still listed by their full name. I personally wouldn’t do it any other way, but I can see your use case. Roon includes a filter function (upper right corner) that makes it relatively easy to find any artist in seconds. No real need to scroll through the list. Also, if you grab the scroll bar at the right you’ll see a letter pop up indicating the first letter of the last name of the artists section as you scroll through. Helps you get quickly to the X’s for XTC.

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