Displays + Audio Requires Toggling

This may be a basic function, but maybe not…

My music practice room (known to the rest of my family as the basement) is where I play the tenor saxophone.

I have a television and a Peachtree speaker. Both have Chromecast devices connected to them. What I’d like to do is to stream the Roon video to the television (Settings -> Displays -> Basement TV) and the audio to the speaker (Settings -> Audio -> Deepblue 2 Speaker). I think in the past I selected one device or the other, but I wonder if I can have the video going to the television and the audio going to the speaker without toggling between the two?

is your television somehow hooked to the same lan as your Roon core, if so, just goto roon and start some music on Zone Deepblue 2, then on your TV connected device bring up a browser and go to the URL you find in Roon -> Settings -> Displays

the TV will display what roon is playing, but it’s not a video. I am thinking you do not have a PC connected to your TV, you may be able to send the roon display to your phone and then cast that screen to the TV’s chromecast.

Maybe I have not understood. But you seem to be saying that you want to play on the Peachtree and display on the TV. If you click on the volume control for the Peachtree. You should see something like this:


If you then click on the “display” symbol you should get a list of displays that you can “attach” to the Peachtree for playback.


Clicking on display now should route the video to the Chromecast. You can also set this option to start on playback so that roon will automatically display on that device anytime you play to the Peachtree.

That is the setting I was seeking. I can now play the audio from the speaker and have the Roon album info displayed on the television.

Thanks for the guidance.