Displays via Chromecast to Multiple TVs?

All of my electronics are on the same subnet. I have a CCU hooked up to my AV receiver, and the TV in the same room displays Roon stuff well.

Now I’m looking to display Roon on another TV in a different room (same network, same zone). Do I need another CC unit? If not, what do I do to enable that TV? Thx

Hello @John_V,

You would need a compatible display device to display Roon as a display zone: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Displays#Compatible_Devices

Sometimes using the built-in browser of the TVs works for displaying Roon via a Web Display URL if the TV has Chrome/Firefox built-in, but those need to be tested on a per-case basis as we do not have a stockpile of TVs in our lab to test this functionality :slight_smile: