Distortion and cracks while playing Audio (Simple Minds Hi-Res FLAC)

I downloaded the newest Simple Minds Hi-Res “Acoustic” FLAC 24 Bit 48 kHz, but can’t play it with any Roon-device. There are cracks and distortion, which stay even after I stop playback. I tried it with different Devices, like AURALiC Aries, Audioquest DragonFly connected to my MacBook Pro, via the integrated Audio-Interface… No chance…

The files seems to be ok, because they play back nicely over my Bluesound-System, Audirvana Plus, from USB-Stick connected to my Amp… But no way with any Roon-Device.

Hello @Michael_Holzinger,

Can you please provide info about your setup.
Can you reproduce this issue with other files from you library ?


Hi - The Roon Core runs on an Apple iMac with the newest OS X (Sierra 10.12.1). The Data itself (around 36.000 files) is on an NAS (QNAP). I have that problem with all devices where I play via Roon. Another iMac, my MacBook Pro with Audioquest DragonFly, my AURALIC ARIES…

And it’s just with this album, no other files. But as I wrote, when I play this album via Bluesound, it works, even so with Audirvana Plus and directly from USB-Stick on my NAD M12.

OK, the only way to continue the troubleshooting procedure is to provide us the sample of the media and Roon’s zone settings (let’s pick Audioquest DragonFly).
Would you mind to upload one or two tracks to the service like Dropbox or Google drive and drop me a link in PM ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Michael!

Since i am from Austria (Vienna) as well i can also give it a shot on my system which is a core on a linux based machine.

Best regards


PM prefered