Distortion on one album

One of my FLAC albums is now very distorted when I play it on my Mac. Other albums from the same library seem to work fine. I listen from my computer using DragonFly RED with Sennheister HD 800 headphones. There are noises that continue for several seconds after I pause the song. These tracks were downloaded from PledgeMusic and worked fine for the first several months.

I just downloaded two other tracks from the same website and one is fine while the other has the distortion.

what happens when played using other software?

Just to rule that out … is this album a 24/48 hires and did you change your audio settings in Roon since the last time you listened to that album? (Asking because there’s this ugly audio distortion bug on Mac with some hires files when “Exclusive” mode is not switched on. The noises go on for a few seconds after stopping playback. Not sure if they finally fixed it, last time I tried was one or two builds ago and it was still there)

I don’t have any other software that will play FLAC, that I know of.

My DragonFly had an update, but when I play directly from System Output, it has the same distortion. The album is a independently produced jazz album. Not sure what you mean by “24/48 hires”. I’m fairly new to using FLAC. I downloaded the album from the website and put it in a folder in my MUSIC folder and I have ROON import it from there. Other albums in this folder work fine.

Hi @Mark_Cooke ----- Thank you for the report and the continued feedback, both are appreciated!

Moving forward, would you be bale to provide me with a copy of the mentioned album for testing? If you could send the media via a “shared dropbox link”, it would be greatly appreciated! If you are not a dropbox user, let me know, and I can offer an alternative upload method.


Hi @Mark_Cooke ----- Thank you for the PM and the upload! Confirming that the content has been received and is in my queue for testing.

Once I have completed my evaluation, I will be sure to update the thread accordingly. Your patience is very appreciated!


I have a Dragonfly Red And HD800s I find the poor little red struggles a bit to feed the phones, they are quite demanding …

Could it be that the album in question is very low level and the Roon sound leveling is pushing it into distortion ?

A bit like turning the volume up too much


Mike - thanks for the insights. I’m saving up for a better headphone amp - have any suggestions? Eric is reviewing the album for me to see if it is corrupted.

Hi @Mark_Cooke ---- Thank you for your patience while I have been looking into this behavior you’ve reported.

Moving forward, myself and another team member both tested with the provided media, and had no issues with distortion during playback (via the Dragonfly red). In light of these findings, is there anything else you can tell us, from a procedural standpoint, of how you are working with this media?