Distortion on playing 24 bit


I haven’t due to an accident been unable to write you. I have a licens trial which will stop on May 5th. I am considering buying the full license.

I have written with Kevin about the problem.

I have a mac pro - connected to a Primare np30 via a Chord usb cable. My amplifiers an Anthem Mrx300.

The problem is playing some - not all hi res files. I have a distortion in sound when when playing 24/48 flac files. The same problem comes when I play Masters from Tidal.

If the play the same files through JRiver - there is no problem - therefore I think it is connected to a problem with Roon.

A tagging question:Primare NP30
I have a Primare NP30 (network streamer) which is not supported in Roon. Are you working with Primare here in order to support this device ? if so - I would be able to test it.

all the best
Frank Helenius

Tagging @support.

Hi @Frank_Helenius1 ---- Thank you for sharing your feedback with us and I am sorry to hear of your accident. Wishing you a fast recovery.

To help me better evaluate this issue may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  1. The specs of the Mac Pro hosting your Roon core.

  2. Can you please provide me with screenshots of:

  • Your audio settings in Roon. If you are using the DSP engine, having those settings would be good as well.

  • A screen shot of your signal path coming out of Roon when you are noticing this behavior.

  1. You mentioned that you are not seeing this behavior with all of your hi-res content, to reconfirm this is only with 24/48 FLAC content, correct? Can you please provide some further insight into this observation for me?

  2. Can you verify where your collections is being stored/accessed as well as providing the size of your library based on number of tracks?