Distortion/thin/harsh sound coming through randomnly [Resolved - Cable Company ground loop]

Just purchased the Sonore MicroRendu and have noticed that while it sounds good 90% of the time, every now and again I will get audible distortion, thin and harsh sound. It’s always on voices, at least that is where it is most noticeable.

Is there some setting or explanation for this? Is anyone else having this issue? I know its not the file because I have already tried it straight from my PC to its own speakers and its fine.

I have tried closing everything out on my PC but haven’t given it enough time to see if that makes a difference.

Windows 7, i5 @3.3GHz 16 mB ram.

My microRendu has been very dependable. The only negative issue I’ve experienced was music tempo on playback was slightly accelerated (e.g., 34 rpm to a 33 rpm record). A microRendu reboot immediately resolved the problem on the three occasions I experienced this.

After reboot, everything functioned properly.

Was your experience using the microRendu in Roon Ready mode, or another mode such as squeezelite or NAA / HQPlayer.

Two microRendus, three different DACs, never any problem streaming from a dedicated Ubuntu Intel NUC with music stored on a Synology NAS.

I am streaming from an external Seagate drive in Roon mode. Not sure how the others work. But I can tell you that if I play the same tracks through my Mac with Audirvana they sound perfect. Frustrating because it otherwise sounds fantastic.

I am just looking for what to look for. Next thing to try is to bypass my switch and go directly to the Mr. Really liking the Roon experience but this is really becoming a buzz kill. It s only about 10% of the time which is weird.

Some switches and routers need to be configured explicitly for “jumbo packets,” which RAAT uses. Search the forum for “jumbo packets” and you’ll find a lot of relevant info.

Well I seem to have at least figured out the issue. There was noise coming from a ground loop through my cable company. I am running it through my power conditioner for now and the issue is like 98% better. As soon as I can get the cable company to fix their issue I will be at 100%.