Distortion through Roon Bridge plugin on miniDSP

2018 MacBook Pro/Catalina 10.15.6/Roon build 667
Connected though WIFI to Apple Timecapsule, ethernet wired from Timecapsule to miniDSP
MiniDSP connected to Schiit Gunginir through coax SPDIF

I’m getting what sounds like digital clipping distortion on peaks when playing though the Roon bridge. If I play the same track through Tidal using the Volumio Tidal app on my miniDSP there is no distortion. Likewise if I play the same track using Tidal on an Apple TV connected to the miniDSP through SPDIF. The distortion through the Roon bridge is not subtle and is repeatable after I reboot my laptop or restart the miniDSP. I’ve also reinstalled the Roon bridge on the miniDSP.

Also, this happens with DIRAC off and with no EQ applied.

Is there a way of turning down the gain/increasing headroom on the bridge plugin?

Hi @john_christensen,

Thanks for reaching out!

You should be able to do this via our DSP Engine by enabling Headroom Management.

If you turn on Headroom Management and enable the clipping indicator, do you see the Signal Path light turn red?

The clipping indicator never blinked red. BUT, I did track down the issue. The only DSP I had turned on anywhere in the chain was invert phase in speaker setup. When I turned if off, the distortion went away completely. Turn it back on and I get the same crackling distortion on the left channel during specific peak on the track, so seems like there may be an issue with the phase inversion piece of the DSP in Roon. If you want to try replicating it, here’s a track on Tidal that will cause the issue: Artist: Up Bustle and Out, Album: Master session vol 2, track 3 at 0:09 (right at the horn and drum hit).

So I’m all good now, just patiently waiting the Roon endpoint certification!


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…I should also point out that the phase inversion only causes the issue through the Roon bridge.


Hello @john_christensen,

Thanks for the report, we’ll look into this.