Ditto for android portrait view!

The Android phone app is portrait only, which is understandable, but the tablet app is landscape only, which is less understandable. Having portrait mode (with vertical scrolling of artists songs etc) would be useful, especially when reading bios and other information.

My new Galaxy Tab A 7" tablet is awkward to use landscape as I don’t have any fingers free to touch stuff.

The fact it works fine on an iPad just rubs Android users the wrong way.

Come on Roon, hire a programmer! lol


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Portrait mode is only supported on the larger 12” screens… it’s not an iOS vs. Android thing.

There’s a long term plan to overhaul the UI across all platform screen size but don’t hold your breathing I suspect it more likely years away rather than weeks.

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I’m a bit confused…why can I use portrait mode on my Samsung S9+ (a big phone, 6.2" screen, but still well under the 12" size you mention) and not on my 10.5" Samsung Tab S4 tablet? Is it a resolution thing? Can Roon provide the specs to support portrait view on an Android tablet to inform future purchase decisions?


Technical reasons. Its not personal.

Just get an iPad Pro!? You ‘know’ you need it…! :nerd_face:

Thanks for the info Scott…I’ll maybe play around with that but hope I don’t brick my tablet…


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