DJ Feature when adding items to your queue

So, yesterday, I was listening to the stereo in the living room while my wife was working in the kitchen. With multi-room playback enabled in the ELAC Discovery Z3 in the kitchen, it was fun to both be listening to the same music.

I thought it would be neat to be able to record an intro to a song that would play before the next song in the queue was played. That way, you could act like a DJ. It would probably be a good idea limit the length of the intro to fifteen or twenty seconds.

What do you think?

What do you think! I think there is plenty of DJ software already on the market and if this ‘feature’ makes it onto the roadmap I will eat my hat. :slight_smile:

Well, they’re working on showing scrolling lyrics to allow people to torture their friends with karaoke, so, this doesn’t seem that far-fetched to me, but I do see that the developers’ plates are pretty full.

To me, it’s about getting the user’s voice and experience into the system in terms of content creation. This is already there to some extent with shareable playlists. So, playlists plus DJ functionality gives us narrated radio programs. :wink:

I listen to some internet radio stations that don’t seems to have DJs and find that it is tedious to hear song after song with no human voice providing musical information.

Well we all have different views on listening to music and the amount of interaction/information required. Personally it is the stations with DJs that I find annoying, not the ones without.

Well, clearly we have different opinions. To me, it is more annoying to not know what was just played than it is to listen to a person tell me what was just played. I know some stations provide a banner but I’m not always looking at the Roon screen.

I used to date a disc jockey who would provide me the weather for my neighborhood, haha. We used to hang out in the station, it was a blast, and she was an interesting radio personality, in terms of her knowledge. I’m sure there are knowledgable people using Roon who would make good DJs.

Have you ever listened to Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio? Bob is a great disc jockey and he didn’t play any of his own music or talk about himself. He did whole programs on themes, like working, drinking, money, whatever. Check the programs out.

Nobody would force you to listen to a DJ, they could easily provide a feature to not play the spoken introductions.

If you’re talking about live voice overlay, that really then is the same idea as using Roon as an audio transport (with some live mixing feature added). I’d love to see that, figure it won’t be in the works for a few years at least.

What you could do is just record your introductions and then use crossfade. That would probably be a decent approximation of DJ’d music.

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