DLNA/UPnP support [Not on the roadmap]

I ditched Roon about a month ago. Main reason is the non support of upnp/dlna. I love it in all other regards.

I’m fed up waiting for either Cambridge Audio or Roon to make a move. Reading about the lms integration and the upnp bridge made me investigate one more time. Could it work? Still have a few weeks until subscription runs out.

Well yes. It does work. But my Cambridge Audio 851N has a very nice display for artwork and metadata and I quickly learned that Roon does not send the metadata through lms. Bummer…

So if I really want to keep using Roon with the nice display of my Cambridge, I’m stuck with airplay. No dsd and 24 bit audio there.

So my plead: Please, please, please rethink the dlna/upnp support. Make it optional for players that support it. I’ll keep an eye on Roon, but for now it’s a very expensive system that just plays CD quality through airplay for me. So I’ll not be renewing.

I’m not alone in this and you would make a lot of people very happy! And the potential market is huge!