Do All Harddrives Go To Sleep.Using WD Mybook With Rock With Issues

which harddrives are people using with rock?
ive got a wd mybook duo which i have to switch off and on every day as it loses connection to the rock it must be going to sleep,in rock it shows no storage till i do this then it works fine,its a bit of a pain,im think of trying a segate external i have to see if this is ok,how do i clear the database of the wd and eject the wd,im not bothered of loseing my database as im still adding music,i will use the wd as backup if the seagate is fine.



Seems to be an issue have you tried disabling sleep in WD utilities? I use Lacie 8tb USB drives.


how are the lacie drives i was looking at the porche 8tb which can be had for £200

are they reliable i read they are a seagate drive,have they just got a better case with a standard seagate drive in?they look tempting at the price.
are they ok for formatting?

I use three and have had no issues, format was no problem.

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do you use the ones i linked too,thank you for the tip about the sleep settings on the wd it was set to sleep every 30mins so ive turned it off and will see if it solves the issue.

Yes, you can see them in this photo, hope the sleep setting resolves the issues.

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nice setup looks good.

12 hours later still conected cheers ratbert.

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