Do I have a sense of humour problem?

I couldn’t stop laughing when these popped up alongside each other in my YouTube feed. My wife and son think I’m weird and don’t get it.


Not sure if you have a problem or not but I grew up on Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds etc.
Well I guess that explains a lot actually now I think about it…:roll_eyes:


And me. Still love it.

Add me to the fan list. In fact, I just purchased Thunderbirds Are Go Season 3. For my sons birthday, of course, not for myself! :grinning:


Of course…we believe you… :innocent:

Fireball XL5, Supercar, Joe 90 … memories eh?

Guess I need to throw one of favourites in the ring although not animated…
The early years of course with the Darleks, Cybermen etc.


You know, a puppetry supermarionation version of Dr. Who would indeed rock!

Don’t even get me started on things like
The Magic Roundabout, The Clangers or Banana Splits…:grin::grin:

One banana, two banana, three banana, four…!

No. My wife and son (and 2 daughters, and dog…you get the picture) think I’m weird.

That’s it.

That’s the post.

Even our ornamental cow is called Ermentrude

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I have a “thing” about the Doctor Who theme … several rare vinyls and I even bought a somewhat crazy Korg polyphonic synth to try a few of my own versions. Yeh, it’s literally the only think I can play on it ;/

I love all the old supermarionation and older sci-fi … with the exception of Space 1999 - that was cheesier than the moon itself!

… and there’s probably no better way to “nerd in” a playlist than having the Thunderbirds countdown as the intro track :wink:

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For you and other Dr Who fans …

(this is one of those I have on vinyl)

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I still break out in cold sweats when I think of Lady Penelope

Bob (not real name to protect my identifty)


I have a visual of you, Lady Penelope and Parker … you need help. (or maybe I need help)

Parker has the night off… Just me and “Ma Lady” with a gin and tonic and cucumber sandwiches.

Still Bob


It was Marina from Stingray for me.
Also Bob.

Be afraid, be very afraid…

I cant swim so Marina was a bridge to far.

But I can see the attraction.


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