Do I have really HiRes or not?

Please look at my picture and tell me if I have really HiRes or not. Thank You.

My streamer is Roon ready Cambridge Audio 851N.

Looks like this is being upsampled.

According to the marketing:
All incoming audio data such as a CD 16-bit 44.1kHz signal, is upsampled to 24-bit 384kHz using a high-end 32-bit Analog Devices DSP (Digital Signal Processor).

“HiRes” doesn’t really have a clear definition but it generally means anything beyond CD Redbook which means greater than 16/44.1. You’re starting with a lossless, ALAC, file at 24/96 so your file is generally considered HiRes. Your 851N is able to play this resolution (in fact, it upsamples this resolution to a higher 24/384) so that is HiRes.

What does it sound like, analog resolution is what you hear, if it comes in a huge digital box it doesn’t mean it will sound better.

Thank You for all responses. Also I think my configuration is ok.

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I had an 851 and it upsamples PCM to 384 by default and reports that back to Roon Core to see in the signal path. Roon considers any kind of upsampling as deterioration and labels it accordingly. Other DAC that don’t report back their activity will be awarded the lossless badge…
All in good shape on your end.

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I know that album. Sounds aboslutely great in 192/24 PCM on Qobuz :+1:

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@KMM oh! Thank You very much. I have hoped so! But I was not sure. Everything ok now. You perfectly answered my question!

All Cambridge Audio DACs and Streamers up-sample prior to passing to the DAC section. Its called ATF up-sampling . The CA is reporting this back to Roon so yes you are getting Hi Res and the 851 is converting to Analogue using this tech

Watch this video (bottom left of this set of videos)

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