Do I have to update roon bridge to verson 1.8?


I have a question.

My roon core & controller already update to version 1.8 .

But roon bridge can not update easily .

Do I have to update roon bridge to vison 1.8 manually?

Thanks for your assistance .

There currently is no update for RoonBridge.

Same here: Room Bridge does not show an update AND my endpoint connected to it does not show up anymore! Any advice?

My Linux box stopped working now says the audio device is not found. Soooo it did something.

Add me to the list of folks who can no longer listen to music with Roon Bridge being down. My Diet-PI Roon Bridge to my DAC is dead. And on a night I really would like to listen to Chick Corea.

I had to reboot my core machine to get some endpoints to work after updating.

This didn’t make sense to me, but it worked.

This reboot of the core machine aloe got my endpoints that were connected to a remote machine working again. Hope it will for you too!

Full reboot did it! (although this was the second reboot after an Ubuntu update). Back in business. Maybe I will buy the lifetime license after all.

fyi on my setup in case it helps - Core on Ubuntu box. Endpoint is Roon Bridge native to Diet-Pi running on a NanoPI connected via USB to a Topping A90 DAC.

Great to hear. Enjoy!