Do I install Catalina on Mac mini yet?

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Mac Mini.

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Hi guys,
I have been away so haven’t installed Catalina on my Mac Mini.
I heard there are problems, have they been resolved yet?

Personally Catalina is a crock of poop. But if you really must install it it’s ok with Roon now…that said it not OK with a lot of other things, so I suggest you do your homework on all the other things you use on that system before going to Catalina.

You don’t need Catalina to run roon…or anything else for that matter currently.

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Don’t have any problems with Catalina after Roon solved the external disc access problem. Check if there are any 32-bit apps on your mini (they won’t work anymore). There are easy ways to do that -> see Google.

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Hi @Amr_Marzouk,

As suggested above, as of Roon Build 475, Roon is supported on macOS Catalina. You may want to check any other applications you use for compatibility, but you shouldn’t have any issues running Roon here.

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Thanks for this to the point reply. Shall check as Mac mini is only used for music storage so might wait.
Catalina bot getting good reviews.

Perhaps the old adage “If it aint broke don’t fix it” is sage advice. :slight_smile:

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More Catalina woes - Drobo this time

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