Do I need a new NUC?

That’s in line with what I expect, since the max turbo frequency of the CPU only got roughly 12% increase, hence my suggestion of overclock-capable K CPU. 1.1x is clearly not enough.

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You have a case where horsepower is needed. I would not use a NUC at all, I would be using a Desktop CPU.

Is there a specific Intel i7 8th gen model CPU I should be looking for? The NUC uses an 8559U. Should I be looking for 8700 or above?

Instead of throwing more money at the problem. Why not just convert the DSD files to PCM and play those instead?
Problem solved!

i7-9700K. The K is important. And get a good fan.

Or as I mentioned earlier, HDPlex makes a fanless case that supports 95W CPU TDP…

Anyone interested can email HDPlex support to confirm preferred CPU and motherboard models are supported by the case, to be 100% sure.

Sure, but according to the OP, the case can be anything since its going in a server room. Why spend the money on something like that? Heck, if you want quiet and cool, I’d go water block before a passive air cooled case.

2nd thumbs up to the CPU Peter posted. The K lets you overclock the CPU which means you will be driving up the thermals in a big way.

Over clocking a processor that has a Thermal rating on 95W will likely push it past the 95W so passive cooling will “potentially” not keep up. Large copper fin towers with lots of moving air is really what you need when overclocking the K cpus.

The i5-9600K might be a better option for over clocking and keep the power/heat down. Are those two extra cores of the i7-9700K of any real use?

You don’t need the extra cores, but you need the frequency - default max of 4.9GHz vs 4.6GHz. If you can change Vcore and multiplier in BIOS, the i5-9600K should also work. I’m not responsible for any damage caused by overclocking or incorrect setting, which if done wrongly can instantly fry your CPU. If you’re not comfortable doing that, i7-9700K may be better for you.

At 4.9GHz I guess you can get a processing speed of 1.2 and hopefully make it work, based on extrapolation of your previous results.

As you know, I have always told people to use a fanless setup even if they think fan noise is inaudible or irrelevant to them. However, in this particular case it’s not clear to me passive cooling can sustain 4.9GHz operation without thermal throttling. The only report that I could find about using that chassis with a K CPU does not instill confidence either. Heat and power consumption goes up exponentially at high frequencies. You’ll even see people using water cooling.

I would not take away the chance for the OP to have the fastest Roon Core in the forum. :grinning:

But seriously that’s actually a sensible suggestion. Any software recommendation that can do multichannel DSD256 to PCM conversion in batched mode and preserve all embedded tags, with a nice GUI?

Foobar2000 with DSD pluging might be able to do it. I have only tried with DSD64 to PCM and that works.

I doubt the player will make much difference. Also remember, that this is 5.1 multichannel, not stereo. As I said in my earlier post, DSD64 AND DSD126 both work. I don’t run into problems until I get up to DSD256 multi-channel.

The suggestion is that you only convert your DSD256 to 384khz PCM and add them to your library.
It will require less work from your core to down sample 384khz PCM instead of DSD256.

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