Do i need a streamer with Roon or can i just use a DAC - MyTek Brooklyn

Hi There - Mytek make a greaet DAC called Brooklyn for 2K - they also make a DAC/Streamer called Brooklyn Bridge extra 1k = 3K

At the moment i just listen to my ripped cd library because my elevated taste level :slight_smile: - i just don’t use Tidal, MQA, or anything like that - except for Spotify it would be nice to have that.

If i use Roon - do i need the streamer is that redundant - or yes i need a streamer in order to a) stream my ripped libarary - and to b) listen to Spotify, steaming radio? Or can does roon allow all this with just a DAC?

Also - if i get a Roon Nucleus - besides storage is that my ‘streamer’? and if so, then i could exchange my DAC/Streamer for just the DAC version and put that 1K into the Nucleus.

Are there any limitations or big cons against getting a Nucleus - i see it can host my music even for Sonos - i assume it acts like an external hard drive - so can i back it up to the cloud using a back up service so my music is backed up to the cloud? That would be a big concern for me.

Also with Roon - can you edit your meta tags - never saw such an option. Is using something like Media Monkey more appropriate - easier better? thank you! Now loving Roon!

Thank you!


You don’t have to have a streamer- you can use an spdif or usb out from your PC/server to the DAC. Some think a streamer gives better SQ. You’d need to test that for yourself and decide. Some streamers will give you more options for streaming services and internet radio than Roon alone, but you can add radio stations to Roon.

The Nucleus is essentially no different than any other PC running Roon. You can use it as a server/player direct to DAC. as a server to a streamer/Roon endpoint, or just as a streamer. Just as a streamer it is sort of expensive overkill.

You can edit meta tags in Roon, but I believe it changes the data in the Roon database, not in the tags themselves. For that it’s prefereable to use an actual tag editor of your choice.

Hi Thanks for the info. Sorry, but still a bit unclear - i have a choice between a DAC and a DAC that comes with a streamer - one is 2k and the other 3K - if i get the nucleus will that let me play my ripped cds and play spotify and internet radio? If so i can get just the DAC.which is preferable.

Is the Nucleus a storage device for my music files - i’d want 2TB - is that what it is? I get confused, because reading documentation i saw something like if i want to build my own nuc i just need a SSD hardrive with only like 64G or something i’m thinking how do you store 2TB on that?



The 64GB SSD is for the OS and database. If you are using ROCK then you can’t store any music on that SSD (See here) Music files are stored either on another SSD (if the particular NUC has that capability) or an external USB drive connected to the NUC.

The Nucleus can support an internal storage HDD or SSD for music files. But it’s a very expensive way to go compared to a NUC running ROCK.

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As far as Spotify, one of the limitations of the Nucleus is that it runs Roon OS, so it doesn’t include a direct way to use Spotify (only Tidal or Qobuz) streaming services). There’s an indirect way to playback Spotify, but that’s probably more complicated than you want to get into.

For Spotify, the easiest way to do it would be with a streamer that has a Spotify mode. Of course if you have a separate streamer, you don’t really need a Nucleus - a less expensive NUC PC would do.

It depends on where your Core is located.

If the core is located next to your DAC, AND your DAC has USB input, AND you’re not ever going to change that, then you don’t need the streaming function.

If the core is physically removed from your DAC, OR you want to electrically isolate your audio system from your computer system, then you will need a streamer of some sort. The Brooklyn Bridge is a nice way to do that, but you can save a bit of money (at the expense of convenience and integration) by getting a third-party device of your choice. You would potentially loose niceties (if I’m not mistaken, the Bridge allows you to change the volume in hardware from Roon, which is more elegant than doing it in DSP, although whether it makes for an audible difference is debatable).

I’d personally go with convenience and integration over saving money with the streamer, and save a bit of money there by getting a NUC over a Nucleus.

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