Do I need an additional Roon Core device if I do not have any files and will only stream from Tidal?


I have a Moon Neo Ace firmware 1.17, connected to the network using WiFi. I can stream Tidal Master and HiFi files directly to the Ace using the Moon MiND controller 2.1.6 on a iPhone or iPad.

I signed up for a Roon subscription thinking that I could use the Roon remote app instead of the MiND app. From what I understand from my own troubleshooting and reading these support pages, I need to connect some kind of device (like a computer) to use as a Roon core. I do not want to do this since I don’t have any local files to play, and my entire goal is to have a one box integrated amp HiFi streaming system.

So, is an additional device to use as a core required, or is there a way to use the Roon software on an iPad to control streaming from Tidal to the Ace directly?

Thank you for sharing your expertise.


You need a server.

Okay, thank you.

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