Do I need an internet connection to use Roon


I appreciate all lookups and metadata feeds are internet based

If for any reason my Internet link is down from my provider , is there any reason why the normal PLAYING of Roon should suffer.

Obviously stuff like new albums , anything that includes new metadata wont but just simple playing


Roon checks back for license validity from time to time, if that fails then you might be out of luck until it can reconnect to activate

That may be what’s causing it , people here seem to dig through fibre , or steal it thinking is copper and scrap worthy, so we get the odd outage, WiFi is fine but no external stuff and Roon fails

That’s probably why

My DLNA server still works so music is OK … UGH


I think I’ve read that it is 30 days. Maybe Danny (Dulai) said so, but I can not remember which thread.

When you say ‘Roon fails’ what are the symptoms or error messages?

Hi Tony

It’s nothing specific , it’s just everyone and agin I lose internet. I suspect it’s router issues which kills Roon too

The answer turn it off wait and turn it on again

It’s as if something gets full🤒