Do I need more computing horsepower?

My Roon Core is a late 2013 Apple iMac (Intel Core i5) with a 3TB “fusion” drive" of which 128GB is SSD, and 16GB of RAM. I am relatively new to Roon and wondered (a) if this is adequate and (b) if I would see any performance improvements from upgrading the hard drive or from increasing RAM from 16 to 32GB. Thanks.

I would say No difference in the Ram upgrade, difference in the hard drive upgrade, I’ e not been a fan of the fusion drives, and probably a speed upgrade going with a newer CPU.

My best comment would be that it would better to put the money towards a new i5 NUC than try to upspec the iMac.


I would agree with this. I started with a 2012 mini (16GB ram) and moved on to a NUC7i5 and Rock. This is the way to go…


My Core is on iMac 2009(Core 2 Duo) with just 8Gb of RAM, but internal HD upgraded to full SSD.
Background audio analysis set to Fast(1 Core), after initial import that had really high CPU utilization during this analysis stage runs without any problems.

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