Do I need the Brooklyn Bridge (over DAC+) if I got the Node 2i to run Roon properly?

I got the Node 2i last week and it’s a quantum leap over Airport Express on every level.
And I know from all I’ve read on the Brooklyn DAC+ that (aside from SQ) it’s everything I want.

The idea was to use the Node then as the WiFi Tidal streamer, and deliver to the DAC+.
Only one tiny glitch…how can Roon talk to the DAC+? I’m told that it will be neither the Core or the Endpoint.

So my reality seems to be shaping up that I’ll have to shuck out the additional 800 bucks for the Bridge, and then what of the Node? OK I could settle for that going into my bedroom. I have enough sets of JM Lab & B&K receivers piling up over the years so it could still sound amazing.

So I’m guessing I could still run the Node as streamer and into DAC+ via digital cable, analog out to either my amp straight, or if sound is lateral, to B&K Ref 50 then the 200.7 amp.
BUT…Roon won’t have any control or communication with the DAC+ this way, because Roon won’t see it thru the Node.
Am I correct?

And henceforth, if I concede for the Bridge, my Roon activity then stops at the livingroom since it won’t pick up the Node 2i seamlessly if I change rooms (zones) yes?
I’m Noob on this all big-time but, crash coursing is getting me up to speed, just need some more insight…

It doesn’t have to, Roon is controlling the Node.

Roon will see both Brooklyn Bridge and Node 2i as zone, switching between them is possible.