Do I need to keep these Roon-generated folders?

I believe all the .tmp folders shown in the pic below were created by the audio analysis run-through? Except for 5 files that seem to defy analysis, that has completely finshed. All the folders are empty. Have never seen these folders before 1.3 – can I delete them?

see pic (5 .tmp folders; 1-each in the 5 folders Roon is watching):

I would check to be sure there’s nothing in them first, but it should be safe to delete those folders. On the other hand, Roon will try to re-create them every time it is started, so I’m not sure how much point there is in deleting them.

They’re used for the feature which allows you to drag/drop music onto any Roon client (including remotes) and have it copied to your watched folders. If you’re not using that feature then they do nothing for you, and deleting them is completely safe.

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