Do I really need a streamer?

Hi guys, was kind of confuse if I need a streamer if I have a nuc rock and roon do I still need a streamer ?

IMHO, only two legitimate reasons for a streamer.

Your Core machine is too far from your listening posts to connect via USB, in which case a simple RPi running Roon Bridge would fill the bill.

You have multiple streaming sources in addition to Roon and you want to connect to them natively, e.g. Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, etc.

Some people can imagine that a streamer will improve SQ, but even if that were true that shouldn’t be a streamer’s purpose.


To follow Roon suggestions yes, as you should not directly connect your Roon core to your DAC/Amplifier. To be practical, if your core is close to your equipment you can just plug the core into Audio system.

If you want to connect the core directly to your DAC, do that. No practical reasons not to.

which is same what I said :wink:

connect roon core USB-> qutest RCA-> audio engine a5+ speaker but if want to stream to other speaker such as KEF LS50 Wireless II can i do roon core USB → qutest wireless-> LS50 wireless II? =)

You don’t need a DAC for LS50W mk2 they are Roon Ready devices that you stream to over the network it has a streaming board built in.