Do not see HifiBerry in Audio overview

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MacBook Air

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Apple Extreme

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HifiBerry AMP via Wifi

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Description of Issue

A week ago I installed the HifiBerry Amp2 and it worked like immediately.
Had my Acoustic Research speakers connected to it.
Then I changed the speakers. Switched on the HifiBerry and the system was completely dead. Reinstalled the HifiBerryOS and now it’s alive again. But I don’t see the HifiBerry in the Audio overview. All my other speakers (Sonos) appear nicely.

What could be the problem?


If you mean Settings==>Audio, is it there and waiting to be Enabled?

Is the device in Settings==>About?

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Hello @Franz_Schrandt,

Thanks for getting in touch when running into issues - we’re very sorry the HiFi Berry can’t be used with Roon right now :sweat:

Could you please let us know if the device shows up in Settings → Audio, as @xxx has already asked (thanks @xxx)?

Hey @Franz_Schrandt,

Here we are, about a month later, and while I hope that things have improved on your end, we’d love to know if we can help at all to make sure you enjoy Roon with your system? :nerd_face: