Do router and ethernet cables affect sound quality?

In my set up and listening experience keeping network cables of same Maker before/after the Switch gains additional improvement of SQ.


The system is global. You have Ethernet frames but not only … the components which search for frames will find frames. If you integrate POE, you will find electric power. And if you don’t have power, you don’t necessarily need all of these pairs.
Cables carry everything they can carry and even, we set priorities (QOS).
The same blog (archimango) but not the same words:

The system is global. You have Ethernet frames but not only.
I also have Med 1005 filters (galvanic) on the cables coming out of my nuc …
and 2 Meraki in cascade (a mechanical diffusion filtering system: a single switch for the final connection to my USBridge).
It’s just … better and cheaper than a Melco.

It’s like bananas …
if you buy bananas. They were transported by boat … but the boat transported many things.
Sometimes even spiders in bananas. :yum:

So you say, the human ear is far better in detecting differences than the best measuring equipment :rofl:

A good way to cure audiophoolie is education.

Why is the wrong question. It can’t. But your brain can.

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You become defensive again.

I’m not sure about that either, but Magnus could be right, of course. The problem is that you’d need to do a double blind test in order to prove all this. And that objectivity is what’s missing in most parts of these kind of discussions.

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One thing often missing in most audio forum double blind testing discussions is the importance of details of the testing procedure itself…

There’s lots of self proclaimed experts but from what they write, it looks like they are oblivious to the several complexities that the brain potentially adds to these tests… these people seemingly only look at these things only from the side of expectation bias (obviously valid) but there are potentially other brain complexities involved… confounding variables.

Throwing stats out there about testing results without specific details on the testing procedure… just like everyone learnt in high school science experiments, garbage in = garbage out.

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Hi Bill,
My EE 8Switch comes with (apparently?) a ‘medical grade’ switching PSU, so I’m going to stick with for the time being.
Glad that PSU has worked out for you :grinning:

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Medical grade eh! Well who am I to argue :blush:

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The brain ALWAYS “adds complexities” to listening tests. Not only potentially. Every test method has (its own specific) disadvantages. You won’t find a single peer reviewed publication (on this or any other subject) in which the author doesn’t discuss the pros and cons of his own methodology. Nor will you find a single researcher who doesn’t use and evaluate more than one test method.

Oh, this is very interesting.

Also interesting… these authors who also get involved on forums should talk more about the cons in their posts… But instead we only get things like the below with no details of the procedure behind the results, because it apparently requires 1100 pages to summarise the procedure behind these results:

Hi all

I am reading this topic since the beginning, but I wonder and I am sincere:
For me, cables, from RCA to speakers are like 5% of SQ in a set up
In % how much do you think Ethernet cable is responsible in this chain?
Because to me it is like looking for the graal as difference between good mp3 and cd’s are barely noticeable for most of people, so I wonder how even the slightest improvement could be heard.

I’m not sarcastic, just want to get what is the point

I think You’ll be the one to give an answer…for Yourself.
(basis on calculated 5%)

Until now how much science discovered about brain, complexities and ears as its receptors.

I liked most (not all but enough) of this post here:

But still, I believe people are free to tinker as much as they like (we are in the tinkering section of the forum) and do whatever makes them happy and enjoy the music more. Life is short.


Yes that was my assumption because if you think something improved or participate in SQ, you should be at least if non measurable being able to say: I think SQ improved by X%…Because I was not able to hear this breathing or thoses notes…

I would not mind spending few bucks on these but would be more than: you should try.
I do not want the spending effect to occur and feel it is better cause I spent money

They were probably right with long term effect/test but just want to jump in if increase in SQ is not marginal: id better than room correction for instance.

Yep I’d park that under this part he mentioned: