Do router and ethernet cables affect sound quality?

Don’t bother about the size of the rock. Just tighten it with the SIDE WINDER II(Vibration Absorbing Belt).

You can also improve the contacts of the cables with CONTACT PRO(Electrical Contact Enhancer Liquid).

Both are available here:

I see they’ve moved on from snake oil to deep-sea shark oil!

Wow, shark oil instead of snake oil. I can’t condone this. I am a passionate scuba diver and UW photographer. I prefer my sharks in the ocean instead of in little plastic bottles.

What is a deep sea shark anyway? I know of pelagic sharks and of littoral sharks, but deep sea sharks… Not a clue.

I’m sorry about the sharks. I’ve tried it with cod liver oil, but the sound is not the same!

Don’t ask me about sharks. I’m not an expert on that subject. I love them, they are fantastic creatures! But all I know about them is what I have seen in the documentary “Jaws” from Steven Spielberg.

Sharks are very misunderstood creatures. Spielberg’s documentary reflects the prejudice of days gone by. I suggest you watch the more recent and accurate documentary “Finding Nemo” by the exceptional oceanographers at Pixar.

Just saw this in an other thread: If Some Think Ethernet Cables Matter, Does This?

I think here neither snakes nor sharks were harmed.

BTW, I don’t think “Finding Nemo” really represents sharks. I prefer “Shark Tale” from DreamWorks.

Hi Mangus,

I bought the ifi idefender 3.0 to cut 5v and use my beloved zonotone shupreme 1.2m usb cable into my Denadrips Terminator dac which make an obvious improvement … crispy and clear highs and more textured mids.

While the Terminator needs 5v for its usb inputs, I am using the Ideon 3R regenerator which is powered by a LPS and connected directly via a usd1 type A and B male adaptor since trials with usb cables saw drop in SQ … the Ideon 3R provides its own clean 5v minus any further usb cable with 5v power into the Terminator dac.



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HaHaHa!.. snark!..snark!

-It’s been loads of fun reading this thread over the past month since I received my etherREGEN “audiophile” switch. Now I consistently hear greater musical detail within a better-defined soundstage that allows me to easily follow individual instruments -even in complicated productions-, all of which makes for more realistic reproduction at home.

Enjoy the music! -that’s why I subscribe to Roon and am happy to be a deluded snake oil sipper despite the experts who know that I’m only fooling myself.


I scuba dived for years. Mostly on wrecks, some many miles out, off the east coast of Amerika.

I saw a shark, once. A bull shark that was rooting around in wreckage garbage and couldn’t have cared less about me.

OTOH, barracudas will hang around the down line in schools, so that most of the time you have to swim thru them. After that, they follow you around like dogs.

Just seen a video and it reminded me of this thread.

“you can’t do a double blind because of course you won’t hear a difference!”

PS Audio

" double-blind


of or relating to an experiment to discover reactions to certain commodities, drugs, etc, in which neither the experimenters nor the subjects know the particulars of the test items during the experiments"

It isn’t when the listener has to choose between more than two choices.

McGowan really gets on my nerves.

I didn’t say all, I said a lot of them. That’s a fact.

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Again, I didn’t say all, I said a lot. It’s a fact that a lot of this is pure snake oil being peddled to gullible so called “audiophiles.”

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So if you live by what you’ve just preached, you have a Sonos system but convinced yourself you have McIntosh?

@Bill_Turner, just curious about your tastes in equipment.

Is McIntosh some exemplar of high end for you?

Just plucked it out of the air…could have picked Boothroyd Stuart Meridian etc…which are far from Sonos


Who or what are you replying to? I didn’t “preach” anything. All I did was to explain that expectation bias isn’t about imagined effects, but rather about imagined causes. If someone believes something sounds better, it does sound better for that person. This doesn’t mean others can hear it, too. It doesn’t mean the opposite, either. That’s why statements such as “I hear what I hear” can be 100% correct AND not at all useful at the same time.


I don’t often post here on this forum, because I’ve got plenty of good reasons to be self-conscious about my English. :sweat_smile: Nevertheless, I’ll try my very best…

I think I know why people like @Axel.S or @hwz (as well as quite a few other posters here) are often misinterpreted in this discussion. They neither belong in the believers’ nor in the non-believers’ camp. Like myself, they’re agnostics - in the following sense:

“Agnosticism, in fact, is not a creed, but a method, the essence of which lies in the rigorous application of a single principle … Positively the principle may be expressed: In matters of the intellect, follow your reason as far as it will take you, without regard to any other consideration. And negatively: In matters of the intellect do not pretend that conclusions are certain which are not demonstrated or demonstrable.” (Thomas Henry Huxley)

This methodical agnosticism has absolutely nothing to do with the emotions that make music enjoyment such a worthwhile experience. The sole purpose of this method is to distinguish between what is demonstrable and what isn’t. Methodical agnostics aren’t interested in converting believers into non-believers or vice versa…


Very nicely put.

You hit the nail on the head. :clap: