Do Tidal/Qobuz streams go through/via the Roon Core?

Hi Folks,

I’m new to Roon, currently trialing.

I have a Bluesound node 2i streamer, and I use Tidal. I was wondering, since Roon uses a Core architecture, is the datastream from Tidal going through my Roon Core, on to the Bluesound?

Or will Roon Core just instruct/pass off the stream to the Bluesound, where the data stream goes from Tidal to my bluesound directly (and basically ‘only’ serve as a database / metadata / music collection manager) ?



All streams go to the Core, which then processes them into LPCM and the Core sends that to the endpoints.

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Also I felt that sometimes I could here a difference between Tidal Connect via the Tidal app and the same song played via Roon.

Am I delusional? :smiley:

PS: fwiw, I have an Hegel h95 amp, and some Kef LS50meta’s and the Kef KC62 subwoofer.

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Hard to say :wink:

However the sound will change if you’ve enabled any of the DSP settings in ROON. I upsample and find it makes an significant difference.

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I noticed this the other day on my zen stream,tidal connect sounds noticebly better than through roon,other members actually told me that this has been reported before by many users

Funny, because I thought it was the other way around actually. Different streamer though, so…

So far I like the ergonomics of Roon, in that it automatically connects to my streamer and I don’t have to re-setup that all the time. Also I already prefer the roon suggestion to those of Tidal (I kind of got in a ‘most listened’ loop on normal Tidal.)

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